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There is an alarming increase in the number of young people who develops degenerative diseases nowadays. Degenerative disease in general is any condition that results in deterioration of a body tissue. These include diabetes mellitus, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. One of the main reasons for this is unhealthy lifestyle habits which include poor eating habits and lack of exercise.

Responding to this unpleasant trend among people, young and old alike, Pillars 5, Inc. aims to foster health and wellness by bringing in all-natural products that help the body to rebuild its systems and restore them back to optimal health.

(From left to right): Jimmy G. Fabregas, Director for Special Projects; Ramon  F. Garcia, President and CEO; Tony  Cheng, President of Enzyme Village;  and Andrew D. Trogen, Chief Entrepreneurial  Development Officer.

Through Pillars 5’s network of home-based entrepreneurs, the company’s passion for bringing back health to people has helped not only those in need to get back their lives from all the unhealthy practices, but also those people who have a dream of building their own businesses and achieve financial freedom. Pillars 5 is not shy to say that they are a multi-level marketing (MLM) company. However, it has been a big challenge for them to differentiate themselves from most MLM companies and also to expunge the negative preconceived notions on the industry.

“MLM is an industry with a negative image because of how many of the companies in it have been operating. People have compromised their values and so the industry, as a whole, has been compromised. You will find many people being scammed by companies with less than superior products and dubious business practices,” explains Pillars 5 President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ramon Garcia. The lack of regulations for the MLM industry does not help companies who do their best in building a better image for the industry, especially those with products that can really help people.

The President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ramon Garcia during the discussion.

On top of that, many people don’t have a good understanding of the MLM industry that they represent and are not able to communicate what their company has to offer. Pillars 5 have set out to build their business based on five core values: Servant Leadership, Humility, Excellence, Integrity, and Stewardship. They pass on these core values to their home-based entrepreneurs— their distributors— by building a strong relationship and by educating them on how they can “add value” to their customer’s life. For Pillars 5, it is always the best to educate, train, and equip people so they will understand the business, do it the right way and make an honest living. Relationships drive everything else that happens after that. Along with this, the company concerns itself on how to support their distributors in making their individual organizations grow. 

“We strive for consistency in what we say and do; staying focused on the company’s vision; staying true to our core values. Over time, this is how people will perceive us differently from the rest of the pack,” Mr. Garcia notes. “We differentiate ourselves from the rest by explaining how we do things differently, i.e., having affordable entry into the business, product emphasis, no hard selling, no false claims and promises, no hype.

The Executive Team of Pillars 5, Inc. (From left to right): Gertrudes  T. GlissmanChief Marketing Officer; Karla D. De Pala, Chief Operations  Officer; Jimmy  G. Fabregas, Director for Special Projects;  Ramon  F. Garcia, President and CEO; Tony Cheng, President of Enzyme Village; Andrew D. Trogen,Chief  Entrepreneurial  Development Officer; and Jaylyn P. Trogen, Chief Network Sales Development Officer.

Pillars 5 products promotes optimum health benefits. These are from all-natural ingredients making sure that it has no side effects. 

Pillars 5 products. (From left to right) My TLC Essential Oil, Nutrishuz Green Foods Health Drink, Life Enzyme and The Souq Organics Moroccan Argan Oil.

Headlining their product line-up is Life Enzyme, a multi-nutrient supplement. It is sourced from 150 fruits, vegetables, and herbs that have been fermented for 365 days. This process magnifies the nutrients in these ingredients and through the beauty of biotechnology, makes them bio-available to the body. It is produced in Taiwan by their partner, Enzyme Village.

Nutrishuz Green Foods Health Drink and My TLC Essential Oils are formulated by their biochemistry expert consultant and produced in the Philippines. Nutrishuz is a delicious veggie drink ideal for people who are always on the go – an energy booster and contains ingredients good at detoxifying and strengthening the immune system. Because of its great taste, even the kids are raving about it.  

On the other hand, My TLC is an aromatherapy product. A great home remedy for common ailments, it is a special blend of eight essential oils applied topically or inhaled, and is a must to carry in one’s bag or pocket. It is powerful because it already makes use of the very essence of a plant in addressing a health issue.

The Souq Moroccan Argan Oil is sourced from Morocco. It is made of 100% pure extract from the Argan nut kernel and underwent pressing from organically certified operations.  It is a beauty product that rejuvenates the skin and hair, and nourishes and protects the nails.

To know more about Pillars 5 you can reach them at 6356566, 6356568. Like them on Facebook: Pillars 5, Inc. Check their website – www.pillars5.com.

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