Beat Stress Be Confident #SayItWithSwish

Hello dearies!

Working as a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit nurse can be stressful. I spent eight to a maximum of sixteen hours in the hospital taking care of sick babies. In the course of performing my duty as a nurse, I tend to forget about bladder breaks and sometimes eating meals, call that dedication hihi. On the serious note, I know it can harm my health. It may result to energy depletion and body fatigue that might lead to a serious illness.

Stress is primarily connected with the amount of work load, number of working hours and shifting schedules. Another reason would be the emotional demands of patients and their relatives. Taking care of a premature neonate is not easy. Everyday you are dealing with how you can prolong their life, giving all the love and care they need. Interpersonal relationship conflict, whether with a loved one, family member or co-worker also contributes in stress build up.

There are many ways to fight stress. Proper time management, being organized, doing deep breathing exercises and sleeping on time are some of the ways to combat stress.

Stress is often attributed with bad breath. When we are stressed, our mouth produces less amount of saliva thus resulting in dry mouth (xerostomia) when not prevented will lead to bad breath. Proper oral hygiene will resolve this problem. This includes proper brushing of teeth, use of mouthwash, dental floss and breath sprays.

Watch this funny video. The video shows how the guy was successful to seal the deal. He boosts his confidence with Swish. 🙂

My favorite breath sprays from Swish!

This product really helps in keeping my breath fresh. I just pop this and spray it in my mouth whenever I need to freshen up. Instant fresh breath that lasts for two hours. Let me share with you why I love this product from Swish:

* Made by Unilab one of the leading and trusted company when it comes to health care products.

* This product is very handy. You can easily slip this in your pocket or make-up kit. Perfect to bring when travelling.

* It kills odor causing bacteria that cause bad breath.

* You have choices. It comes in two variants: Arctic Chill and Peppermint Fresh. My favorite is Peppermint Fresh because it is mild but it still does the job of making my breath fresh.

* It contains 10 ml of product. You might think it is a small amount, but this product can last a hundred sprays. Wow!

* It is sugar-free and alcohol-free. This product does not sting and cause damage to our teeth.

* It is affordable. Priced at PHP 105 for hundred sprays is very economical (piso per spray).

* Readily available. Available in all Mercury Drug, Watsons and other select drugstores/supermarkets nationwide.

So the next time you will be in a stressful situation whether work related, meeting a  friend or having a quality time with your special someone. Boost your confidence #SayItWithSwish!

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