Protect Bag Handles with Oh My Bag PH Handle Wraps


Hello dearies!

Our bags need some TLC (Tender Loving Care) too. Dust, molds, moist and acid from our hand sweat causes damage to our precious bags. Do not fret because there are many ways you can do to protect your valued bags. Today I will be reviewing a product that Oh My Bag PH sent me.

Oh My Bag PH handle wraps priced at PHP 299. Product dimensions: Length 37.5 in, Width 2 in.

What is a handle wrap?

Basically a handle wrap is a small piece of cloth made from fine materials like silk which is used on bag handles for protection against damage.

Oh My Bag PH offers high quality and affordable line of bag care products. Bag enthusiasts will surely be delighted as they carry fashionable and unique designs of handle wraps. Aside from these uber chic handle wraps, they also sell other bag care items like bag stuffers, base shapers, dust bags and bag raincoats.

My Oh My Bag PH handle wraps in use. Look how fashionable and chic my simple blue bag turned out.

You can order these cool bag care products at Zalora

Yala Bags Trading

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Office number: (02) 399-0219
Email address:

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