Foodie Review: Filipino Comfort Food at its Finest at Full Belly Craft Kitchen


Hello dearies!

There are days where in you want to stay at home, sleep all day and eat your favorite comfort food. Eating comfort food makes you feel more positive by alleviating negative feelings of stress and anxiety.


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Today I will be reviewing a restaurant that serves what we crave for – Filipino Comfort Food. Full Belly Craft Kitchen is situated along Sgt. Esguerra in Quezon City (at the back of GMA Network Center). Owned by Chef Allan Qua and Kenneth Flavier, they come up with the concept to serve all kinds of sumptuous belly dishes like salmon, tuna, pork, bangus and beef with a twist.










It may look small outside but this two-storey restaurant can cater around 150 persons. The restaurant has a homey, rustic vibe perfect for family lunch out and gatherings. I love the vintage decorations which makes this place more unique.

Me and my fellow bloggers tried most of their best sellers. Excited to know what we ate? Scroll down for more.


Freshly baked home made pandesal. Their pandesal is really good. You can eat alone or with butter. It is soft and chewy.

image Bacon Spinach and Cheese Frittata Php 195. Baked eggs with cheddar, maple bacon and spinach served with toast. This is perfect for people who do not want to eat something heavy in the morning. Perfect to pair with their home made pandesal.

image Home Made Spanish Sardines Php 245. They used bangus belly in their sardines, cooked in olive oil and special spices. It is served with two eggs (in any style) and garlic rice. This dish is good enough to be shared by two. Their spanish sardines reminds me of my lola who also cooked this dish. The garlic rice balances this dish.

image Full Belly Tapa Php 250. Grilled belly of beef topped with garlic, served with two eggs and garlic rice. Filipinos on the go loves to eat this rice meal because it is packed with good carbohydrates that will keep you going through out the day.

image Baked Mussels Php 245. Chilean mussels topped with smoked Mornay sauce, bacon bits and truffle oil with mash potato at the bottom. This luscious dish is a winner for those who love seafood (ahem like me). Eating this made me full already.

image Bagnet Enselada Php 210. Mustard leaves, onions and tomatoes topped with their special bagnet drizzled with salad sauce. This dish is a healthy way to eat your bagnet.

image Bagnet Ni Kenneth Php 320. Chef Kenneth’s own version of Ilocos bagnet. Served with pickled mustard and pinoy vinegar dip. What makes his bagnet different? The method of preparation is different. Instead of dipping it in oil and double frying it. The oil is poured on top which makes the pork skin popped and super crispy. The meat is soft and juicy making you ask for a cup of rice.

image Wing Bean in Coconut Cream Php 195. Sigarilyas cooked in coconut cream topped with homemade chicharon. I am not a fan of sigarilyas because I find it rough when chewed but this dish made me want to eat it. The coconut cream with a hint of spice tastes so good.

image Curried Beef Belly Php 350. Beef belly served with roasted vegetables. This is their version of binagoongan. I like this dish because it has a mixed and balance of flavour. It is not that salty nor sweet. It has a little of spice that is tolerable. Perfect to eat with rice.

image 12 Hour Beef Belly Roast Php 650. This dish is cooked to perfection. They used slow roast method to cook the meat then served with Au Jus, roasted vegetables and potato pureè. The meat is so tender like it is melting in your mouth.
image Tuna Al Ajillo Php 285. Grilled tuna belly topped with lots of garlic. For those who watch their weight but still want to give in to their cravings this dish is for you. The succulent tuna belly will make you forget you are on a diet. 😛

image Baked Cheesecake Php 195. New York style cheesecake topped with home made bacon jam. At first I was like cheesecake with bacon jam? But I will tell you it taste good. The creamy cheesecake goes well with the semi sweet and tangy bacon jam.

image Trio of Panna Cotta Php 180. Coconut, green tea and malt chocolate flavored panna cotta. The green tea panna cotta is a winner for me because it has the unique taste of matcha. The other two flavors are also good.

Dutchfairyph Rating:
I will give Full Belly Craft Kitchen a 4.5/5 rating for the good food at an affordable price. It is a perfect place to dine and share stories with families and friends. Visit Fully Belly now and try their super yummy dishes!

Fully Belly Craft Kitchen
Address: 5 Sgt. Esguerra Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City
Operating hours: Monday to Sunday 7AM to 10PM
Contact number: 4128122

Thank you again Ms. Elaine Taningco of Zomato Philippines for inviting me! 🙂

Until my mext foodie adventure. Thank you for reading my blog!




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