Foodie Review: Casaño Italian Fusion – Where Good Food and Music Meets ♡


Hello dearies!

I love to explore newly opened restaurants. My usual foodie destination would be along Manila, Makati and Quezon City. Last September 29, 2015 I was invited by Ms. Elaine Taningco of Zomato Philippines in their Foodie Meet Up. It was held at San Roque in Marikina City. It was far from my usual foodie destinations but I know it is worth trying because of the good reviews that I have read.


The name Casaño came from the names of the three owners namely Carlos, Salcedo and Abaño. According to Mr. Brian the restaurant used to be an ancestral home with a dental clinic in the 1940s. His grandfather fell in love with the place and bought it. Then with two of his friends they decided to convert it into a restaurant. Casaño Italian Fusion is merely new in the restaurant business but despite of that they make delicious dishes.

image Some old wines.

image I love these pieces of art. Old vinyl records were used in these portraits. Oh Hi Ed! 🙂

image Bring back the old days where in turntables were used to play good music. Yes in Casaño you will get to hear good quality music while you are eating good food. They have wide selections of vinyl records from old to new. Some of the LPs were bought directly from the States.

I love the ambiance of the restaurant. The rustic yet cozy theme is something unique.

Here are the dishes that we tried at Casaño:

image Cucumber Lemonade Php 70. We started with this super light refreshing drink.

image Baked Ham Croquettes Php 100. Smoked ham wrapped in béchamel sauce then fried to golden crisp. Who would thought that the filling is not cheese but béchamel sauce, super creamy indeed. I can finish a whole order of this dish by myself. 🙂

image Aglio e Olio Php 210. Spaghetti pasta topped with oil based sauce rich in garlic and shrimps. This dish is a winner for me. I love garlic and for me this dish satisfies my garlic craving. Another plus point is this dish is not oily and the pasta is cooked al dente. Thumbs up for me.

image Chicken Arrabbiata in Rigatoni Pasta Php 210. Rigatoni pasta cooked al dente topped with spicy arrabbiata sauce. The chicken meat is juicy and flavourful however I just wish they made this dish a bit more spicy because I did not taste any spice in this dish.

image Cannelloni Php 210. An Italian dish made with baked tubular pasta then topped with lots of cheese. Casaño’s version of this dish uses spinach and cheese. Cheese lovers out there will love this dish for sure. It is creamy but not in the “nakakaumay” level.

image Herb Crusted Salmon Php 350. This dish is also a winner for me. The salmon is crispy and yet moist inside. I did not taste any “lansa” in this dish. Goes well with the lemon butter sauce. Another thumbs up! 🙂

image Roast Pepper Beef Php290. Tender slices of beef sirloin marinated in choice of herbs and spices. The meat is juicy but it lacks a kick of pepper flavour.

image Apple Strudel à la mode Php 140. We had this as dessert. Puffed pastry stuffed with their signature apple mèlange served hot with vanilla ice cream. The bread part is soft and flaky which I like. The mix of cold and hot makes this sweet dish a sure hit.

I will give Casaño Italian Fusion a rating of 4/5. The place is beautiful perfect for weekend family bonding. They also serve good food at an affordable price. I enjoyed my stay at Casaño and I will definitely visit them again and try their other pasta dishes and burgers.

Thank you Zomato Philippines and Casaño Italian Fusion for inviting me! 🙂

Casaño Italian Fusion
172 J.P. Rizal Street, San Roque, Marikina City
Tel No. (02) 2469072 to 284

Thank you for reading my blog!



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