Foodie Review: A Taste of Mediterranean Fusion Cuisine at Jack’s Joint


Hello dearies!

Located at the heart of Manila is a newly opened restaurant that serves Mediterranean fusion dishes called Jack’s Joint. The restaurant is owned by a Filipino couple and a Turkish Chef, Chef Ibrahim.

The place can accommodate an approximate of 25 to 30 persons. The ambiance is cozy. I love the junk-inspired interior especially the mason jars that were used as lamps, I find it very unique. They cater students, office workers who are looking for good food after work and people living nearby who want to relax. They serve alcoholic beverages but on a later time. Delivery service is also available but only within the area. Wifi signal is strong. Me and my fellow bloggers tried almost everything in their menu.

image Mason jars used as lamps. So cool. 😀



Here are the dishes that we tried:


Special Kebab Php 180. Their special kebab consists of grilled beef and chicken meat served with rice, onions, tomatoes and long green pepper. The meat has a kick of spice that is not overpowering. It is best to eat with their special garlic yogurt sauce. I like the grilled chicken over beef because it is more tender and flavourful.

image Chicken Kebab Php 180. What I like about their kebab is it is soft and juicy. Every bite of the meat you will taste how savory the dish is.


Chicken Steak Php 130. I like the balance of spiciness of this dish. The chicken meat is well done and juicy.

image Chicken Pirzola Php 130. This dish creates a burst of flavour. It has a sweet and spicy taste which I like. The meat is also tender and moist.

image Shawarma Rice Php 95. Their shawarma is thinly sliced which makes it easy to munch. It tasted sweet and yet spicy.

image Shawarma Pizza Php 285. It is my first time to see and taste a shawarma flavored pizza. The garlic yogurt sauce mixed with a little hot sauce makes this dish a bomb.

image Four Cheese Pizza Php 280. This dish is my favorite. The mix of creamy and salty taste makes this dish a winner.

image Burger Half Pounder with Cheese Php 120. Their burgers are cooked using lava rocks that’s why it has a distinct grilled flavor which I love. It makes the real flavour of the meat comes out. I also love their buns. I even asked the owner to sell them. 🙂

image Yogurt Shake Php 50. I love the sweet and yet tangy taste of this drink. Perfect drink to cleanse your palate.

Over-all I will give Jack’s Joint a 3.5/5. I will definitely go back to try their other dishes. Thank you again Elaine Taningco of Zomato Philippines for inviting me.

Jack’s Joint
1300 Jose Abad Santos Avenue,Tondo,
Manila, Metro Manila

Thank you for reading my blog!



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