Foodie Review: Meet the Cuddly Cats of Cat Cafe Manila ♡


Hello dearies!

Pet themed cafe is getting popular here in the Philippines. Imagine you’re sipping a nice drink while being accompanied by a cute furry friend sounds fun right?!

image Cute cat image painted on the wall.

Last April 15, me and my friend Ana went to this cute cafe in Maginhawa Street. Cat Cafe Manila is owned by Ms. Ana Calvo and Mr. Denis Ty. They partnered with CARA Welfare Philippines (Compassion and Responsibility for Animals) with the purpose of educating their guests about responsible pet ownership. Aside from that they want to give importance on pet adoption rather than buying call that #Catvocacy. 🙂


Cat Cafe Manila serves as a home to 10 cute puspins (You’ll meet them as you read this post). These cats were vaccinated, spayed/neutered and ready to be adopted.

Before you visit Cat Cafe Manila a reservation is needed. You can reserve a slot thru Eventbrite website. Only 15 guests are allowed per hour. This is to maintain the amity in the cats’ home.

image Ticket from Eventbrite.

imageMs. Kat one of the CARA volunteer told us to read first the house rules to be guided.

image The waiver you need to sign before entering the cafe.

The reservation costs Php 200, 100 will go to CARA Welfare Philippines and the other 100 will be consumable for drinks and pastries.

The cafe is quite small but has a homey feel. Cats find comfort and security in small spaces. It is clean and has no trace of bad odor. They are actually strict in proper hygiene. You’ll be asked to sanitized your hands before and after contact with the cats.






Now let’s meet our furry friends 😄

image Upon entering Ling-Ling welcomed us. She got her name from the Filipino word “duling” which means cross-eyed. Despite of Ling-Ling’s condition she’s one of the sweet and adorable cats in the cafe.

image Ling-Ling wants to play with Sasha.

image The timid Trigger. His favorite hobby is to sleep.

image Domino wants to play with me. He was called Domino because of the black and white color of his fur.

image My friend Ana with Shelly.

image Nacho the uber playful cat. What a serious look Nacho?! 😄

imageBicco while playing with Nacho. They’re so cute. 😄

image Ms. Kat while hugging Chaka. She was named Chaka because of high-pitched sound of her meow.

image Why so serious Sasha? 😮

image Shelly cutie. 😄 Shelly is one of the friendly cats in the cafe. She loves to cuddle.

image Bicco and his blue paw-dicure. ♡

image Come down Oreo. 😄

imageHigh five Ling-Ling. ♡

We also tried some of their drinks and pastries.



I ordered their bestsellers paw-reo cheese shake and red velvet cookie while my friend Ana tried their hot tea and mini peanut cookie.


The red velvet cookie is big enough and it can be shared by two persons. It’s chewy and the sweetness is just right. I love the paw-reo cheese shake. It’s creamy and not that sweet. I was accompanied by Chaka while eating. 😄

image Me while reading a book. #BadCat :mrgreen:

I had a great time bonding with these furry friends. I will definitely visit them again.

Visit Cat Cafe Manila now! They are located at 2nd floor #189 Maginhawa St. Cor. Makadios St. Sikatuna Village, Quezon City.

They are open from Tuesday to Sunday 12pm to 9pm.

Don’t forget to book first at Eventbrite. Click here

Thank you for reading my blog!



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