The First Zomato Food Crawl: Solaire Anniversary Edition

Hello dearies! Last March 3, I am lucky to be part of the bloggers who were invited on the first Zomato food crawl event. It was held at Solaire. Aside from their lavish and upscale resort and casino, Solaire also offers wide array of food choices to their guests.

What happened during the food crawl? Basically, we visited and tried the dishes included in the anniversary offering of the six restaurants in Solaire.

Caution: This blog post is a bit photo heavy and hunger inducing. 🙂 I know you’re excited so let’s get started.

First stop: Finestra


Upon entering Finestra, my eyes were amazed on how elegant its interiors. I love everything in it from the big beautiful chandeliers, regal chairs and stylish table wares.

The very regal interior of Finestra.

I was able to try their Saltimbocca Alla Sorrentina in which their Anniversary offering for Solaire. The dish is made from meat of young cattle (veal) drizzled with mozzarella cheese and topped with juicy cherry tomatoes. The dish has the distinct Italian flavor. The meat is soft and super juicy.

imageSaltimbocca Alla Sorrentina. Photo taken by yours truly.

Second stop: Waterside Restobar


Waterside Restobar is located in the newly opened Sky Tower of Solaire. It was called ‘waterside’ because it is literally located at the side of the beautiful pool of Solaire.

imageThe picturesque view of Solaire’s pool side.

The restaurant has a modern and elegant vibe. I love their sleek furnitures and table wares. They serve various dishes but their specialty is Latin American and Mediterranean cuisines.

I was able to try some of their famous dishes like their famous paella valenciana, surf and turf platter and some delicious side dishes.


Their paella valenciana is the bomb. The dish is consists of rice, meat, veggies, seafood and spices. It is so flavourful. The dish was served in a mini stainless casseroles which I find unique.

image My serving of paella valenciana.

image The delectable surf and turf platter.

The surf and turf platter is a must try. It consists of hanger steak, salmon, pork ribs and prawns. The hanger steak is packed with flavour. I love that it was cooked well done. The pork ribs is also good. If you’re into something sweet this dish is for you. My favorite is the salmon. It was juicy and packed with freshness. I can’t explain how good it is. The prawns were cooked perfectly.

imageL-R: Humita, Potato carbonara and Asparagus salad.

Aside from their two best sellers, I also love their side dishes. Their humita which is a sweet corn baked in a husk is something new to my taste buds. At first you’ll taste it sweet but as you eat more of it, it tends to be spicy. The potato carbonara is also good. It’s a deep fried potato cubes topped by carbonara sauce with bacon bits and some spices, super yummy! The Asparagus salad in white dressing is so refreshing to my taste buds. It goes well with the meat dishes. The mango salad is my favorite. The sweet-tangy taste of the mango fruit minimized the ‘suya’ factor in some of the dishes.

Third stop: Oasis Garden Cafe


After the luxurious dishes that we tried from Finestra and Waterside Restobar, we go straight to Oasis Garden Cafe to try some of their teas and desserts.


The cafe is located at the middle of the newly opened Sky Tower of Solaire Resorts and Casino. The cafe is natured inspired filled with lots of greens and a relaxing water fall back drop. I love the glass roof because it allows natural light to pass which gave the cafe a relaxing vibe.

image I love their table set-up.

image It’s so relaxing to look at this beautiful water fall back drop.

I was able to try three of their mouth-watering desserts and these are:

image Sugar rush galore! 🙂


Butterscotch macaron cake.

Layers of almond caramel filled with caramel and butterscotch parfait and roasted almonds. I find this cake the sweetest among the cakes we tried. It goes perfect with black coffee.


Blondies with roasted mango and avocado.

Glazed blondies with avocado panacotta and roasted fresh mango. I find this dessert unique because of the avocado panna cotta. It is lightly sweetened and the roasted mango gave a bittersweet twist to it.


Strawberry chiffon cake.

Red velvet cake, vanilla mascapone filling with fresh strawberries. This is my favorite among the three desserts. The fresh strawberries goes well with vanilla.

Aside from the cakes we were also able to try their teas. The earl grey tea is strong. It will you an instant perk me up mood. My favorite is their passion fruit green tea. I love the fruity smell of this tea, it’s invigorating.

If you are looking for a place to bond with your friends for an afternoon of desserts and tea without spending much and yet the place is beautiful this place is perfect.

Fourth Stop: Red Lantern


The restaurant has a nice interior. Their table ware is so posh and chic. I love the unique Chinese calligraphy painted on the clear glass walls. You will also see a huge Chinese floral arrangement at the entrance.

image Inside Red Lantern.

The manager of Red Lantern let us try their signature dish the Wuxi Braised Beef. “Wuxi” originated in Wuxi San Fong Bridge which is one of the oldest Chinese villages during the Qing dynasty. Wuxi braised beef was cooked using 3 firing methods: 1. Traditional method, 2. Taiwan method where in the meat is cooked by reducing its salinity and 3. Home cooking method where in the meat is cooked in a boiling water using 80 degrees of heat.


The dish is mouth-watering. The meat is so soft, it literally melts in your mouth. The veggies are half-cooked which I love because it’s crunchy. The red sauce which connotes success and prosperity blends well with the meat. The sweet and salty taste of the sauce is just right.

Fifth stop : Yakumi


Yakumi has a nice interior that is earthy and zen. I love the wooden interior design of the restaurant. It’s actually relaxing looking at the restaurant’s interior. When you go inside the restaurant, You have an option to sit by the bar or at the main dining room over-looking the beautiful view of Manila bay.

image Zen minimalist interiors of Yakumi.

image The scenic sunset of Manila Bay.

I tried Ehou maki which is their Anniversary offering for Solaire. Ehou maki means ‘lucky direction sushi roll’. Their Ehou maki is made for 7 ingredients which is said to be lucky in Japanese.

image Yummy Ehou Maki.

According to the Chef, to be able to have a good fortune a person should eat it as a whole facing at the lucky direction. It tasted so good. All the ingredients blended well together. It goes well with the freshly grated wasabi. The wasabi is authentic and packed with flavour.

image Authentic grated wasabi. It looks like “gabi” or taro but green. 😁

Sixth/Last stop: Strip Steakhouse


Strip emanates elegance and sophistication. From the glittery chandeliers, century old wines to the classy tables and chairs.

image Elegant interior of Strip.

image They have a numerous bottles of wines and liquors.

I was able to try their pastrami spiced black angus beef short ribs (Anniversary special offer). The Chef showed how it was prepared. He seasoned the angus beef meat with spices then let it marinated for 4 days. He also showed how to plate the steak.

image Chef while preparing the steak.

image The spices that were used in making the steak.

image Final product: Pastrami spiced black angus beef short ribs.

I like how juicy and tender the meat. You’ll taste the spices that he used. The mashed potato, grilled tomatoes and carrots compliment the steak. A red wine will complete the dish.

I had a great gastronomic adventure that day. Thank you Zomato team and Solaire for inviting me.

image Thank you token from Solaire: Limited Edition Solaire Swatch watch.

Till my next foodie adventure!

Thank you for reading my blog!



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