What’s New with DQ: Loacker Blizzards


Hello sweeties! I am back again to give you a foodie review. Last February 5, Dairy Queen Philippines launched their new blizzard of the month which is the Loacker Blizzard. It was held at Dairy Queen Level 3 in Gateway Mall in Cubao, Quezon City.


Meet DQ’s Blizzard of the Month: Strawberry Loacker, Chocolate Loacker and Vanilla Loacker.


Strawberry Loacker. Among the three flavors this is my favorite. The strawberry ice cream is not that sweet and it blended well the semi-sweet, bite sized Loacker wafers creating a unique and distinct flavor.


Vanilla Loacker. The vanilla ice cream goes well with the Loacker wafers. You can taste the hazelnut flavor of the wafer with this flavor.


Chocolate Loacker. Iam sure this will be a big hit among people who are chocolate lovers.

Aside from the Loacker Blizzards, Dairy Queen also let us try their Valentines ice cream cakes. This serves as a gift to Elaine because it’s her birthday! 🙂


Oreo ice cream cake. This one is so good. I love the cookies and cream ice cream topped with strawberry icing with choco syrup plus the oreo cookie topping. #Yummy


Strawberry Kitkat ice cream cake is love ♥

Overall I will rate Dairy Queen’s ice cream 4/5. Their new Loacker Blizzard especially the strawberry flavor is a hit for me.

Thank you Dairy Queen and Zomato for inviting me in this super fun event!


Thank you so much for these tokens! ♥

Like Dairy Queen’s Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/dairyqueenphilippines

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