The foodie guide: Zomato

Hello dearies! I am sorry for not posting updates on my blog because I went out-of-town for a vacation. I went to Subic and enjoyed a beach get away with my bestfriend (I will post about my Subic trip soon). Enough about updates I am here today to give you my thoughts on Zomato. Are you a foodie? If yes, then this post is for you.

What is Zomato?

Zomato is a foodie online and mobile restaurant discovery site where it provides information on a restaurant. The information includes direction, menus, reviews and hotline numbers. Zomato was founded July 2008 in India. Today there are 100+ cities and 19 countries including the Philippines have Zomato. The website has two sections: The restaurant guide and blog.


The new Zomato logo. Grabbed photo from wiki.

The website and mobile application is very useful as it help their users to explore different restaurants depending on their choice of food, location and budget. It also let users to share their gastronomic journey with other users. Sharing food reviews and thoughts sounds good right?


How Zomato works.

You can download the Zomato App at Google Play if you’re an android user of thru the App store.

Visit the Zomato website here

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