My Bioessence Experience: Purifying Facial and Diamond Peel

Last October 28 I went to Bioessence West Avenue branch to redeem my premium pass complimentary voucher that I got when I attended the Blogapalooza 2014 event last October 11, 2014. I chose to avail the beauty break facial because of my current skin status. I am experiencing acne breakouts lately due to stress and I think this treatment can help my skin. The skin center is very easy to locate.


My bioessence premium pass and the Dr. Beleno Euca-lift balm.


I love their top model theme. Oh by the way the skin center’s current brand ambassador is America’s Top model finalist Ms. Allison Harvard.

When I entered the spa, I was warmly greeted with all smiles by Ms. Grace, the beauty and skin consultant. Ms. Grace gave me a form to fill up. The form has questions to be able to help the consultant on what treatment your skin needs. She also checked my skin condition by using a mirror with light. There she saw that I have oily skin with some pimples. She suggested that I should try their Purifying facial and Diamond peel. I gave her my complimentary premium pass and she offered me discounts. I got the two treatments for only P750 such a good deal right?! While waiting she gave me a glass of lemon water.


Photo of Ms. Grace and me. How cute that the standee of Ms. Allison Harvard became a photo bomber =D


Me while waiting at their cozy sofa.

The procedure took around 1 and a half hour to finish. First, my facialist wash my face. She used a special cleanser to removed my make up. Then she applied a mask that according to her will help lessen the oiliness of my face. I forgot the name of the mask treatment. She leaved the mask for 15 minutes so that my skin can absorb the product and for the mask to take effect. I felt a little stinging sensation but according to my facialist it’s just fine and it means the product is acting on my skin.

Next she did the diamond peel. I already tried diamond peel before and I love its effect on my skin. The diamond peel process took around 15-20 minutes. After the procedure she showed me the dead skin cells she got from my face. After the diamond peel comes the scary part the extraction of blackheads and white heads. I love the fact that my facialist did it without any pain. After the extraction she used laser treatment so that my pores will close. After the laser treatment she puts a cooling mask to relax my red skin due to the extraction. I super love this because my face felt cool, fresh and I felt more relaxed. After she removed the mask she puts their fruit acid vitamin c cream as a moisturizer. She also advised me not to wash my face for 6-8 hours.


My after treatment photo. Please excuse my red face 😛


I bought the antibacterial soap and fruit acid vitamin c cream as a recommendation of my facialist. This will help heal my pimples and lightens the spots that I have.

Over all the service was superb and I might come back to try another treatment. Thank you so much Bioessence West Avenue!

Good news to those who want to try the services of Bioessence, as part of their 20th year Anniversary they’re offering 50% on selected services. To know more visit their website at here

You can also reach them thru their hotlines at 0918-8-BEAUTY or 376.7106

Like them on facebook at

Follow them on twitter at @BioessencePH

Thank you so much for reading my blog!

dutchfairyph ❤


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