#LiveItUp! My #BDJFair2014 Experience!

Hello readers of dutchfairyph blog! I still have the #BDJFair2014 hangover while I am writing this blog post. Oh yes! I still remember the fun and excitement that I experienced at the fair. I am so happy that I was able to pre-register early. I am also thankful because I was able to participate in two of the activities that the fair offered: the BDJ scavenger hunt and the Pet Express cat craze workshop. ❤ I salute BDJ for organizing a fun event that allows their members to interact and be friends. Aside from the fun booth activities and workshops, the fair is also a benefit event. For only 100 you’ll be helping two organizations: the Sulong Kabataan Romblomanon Inc and Move MNL.



My VIP pass =)


The scavenger hunt participants. Yes I belong to Folk team. Even though we didn’t win the game I am still happy because I met new friends. =)

imageMy scavenger hunt ID. Team Folk =D


My Pet Express cat craze art work. I came late at the workshop because I joined the scavenger hunt that’s why I didn’t finish my design. I still received a free gift which my dog loves teehee =)



The registration and photobooth area.


The talk area.


The wall climbing area.


Pet Express and 360 Fitness Club booth.


Dermclinic and Fitness First booth.


National Book Store booth

imageZap Philippines booth.

Me and my friends enjoyed roaming around and participating at the booth activities. We’re all tired but happy. =)


Photo with Lyn. We both participated at the scavenger hunt.


With Ricar and Lyn while doing the #GoodySelfie.


Me having a selfie at the Mister Donut booth. I won a cute heart canister at their pachinko game.



Me while having a selfie at the BDJ dream board. ❤

Aside from the different booths to enjoy there are talks that will help us to become a better person. I was able to signed up at Ann Jacobe and Edric Mendoza’s talk.

image image image

Ann Jacobe’s Life is a Playground talk. I learned so much about life in this talk.

imageMy 2015 BDJ Planner which I got at a discounted price, freebies and prizes that I won from different booths. I am a happy bella. =)

Visit Belle de Jour Power Planner new website to get updated on their events click www.ilovebdj.com

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