Product Review: Celeteque Bacne Spray

Hello readers! I hope you are all doing well. It’s a rainy afternoon today and because of that I am in the mood to blog 😉 Today I will give you a product review of the recent product that I am raving.

Few months ago I suffered from bacne. I don’t usually experience having pimples on my back that’s why I am kinda bothered. A friend told me to try Celeteque Dermoscience Bacne Spray because it works wonders on her. At first I am kinda hesitant to try but nothing will lose so I tried. Luckily when I visited Sample Room I saw the product included in their recent run of samples so I used my ninja moves in sampling and I was able to get one hihi 🙂

This product from celeteque contains Hydroxy acids and Salicylic acids that are known pimple and blemish busters.

My Sample Room loot 🙂

Product ingredients. Sorry for the not so clear photo.

Here are my thoughts on the product:

* It works wonders on my bacne. It dried my bacne after 3 consecutive days of use.
* It affordably priced at Php 320.
* It’s very easy to use. I like the spray type packaging.

* It smells chemicallish.
* It stings when sprayed.

You can purchase this at all leading department stores. Visit Sample Room because they’re restocking some of their samples and you might see this product on stock again.

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