My PAC Make-up Workshop Experience September 14, 2014

Hello loves! Today I will share with you my make-up workshop experience with PAC (Professional Artist Cosmetics). You know in my previous post that PAC is an Indonesian brand of cosmetics that is perfect for Asian skin. I was lucky to be picked by PAC in their Facebook contest.

Grabbed the photo from BDJ Box’s Facebook Page

I picked the workshop number 1 which is the Make-up on the go because I am a fan of no make-up make-up look which is kinda hard to do.

imageThe list of winners =). Happy to be included in the list =).

image The email that I received from BDJ saying I won. =)

The workshop started at around 11:30 am at the BDJ Beauty Social event. The workshop was done by Guillano Valenzuela.

imageMr. Guillano Valenzuela with his model.

He discussed everything from skin care to proper contouring. Here are the important points that I learned:

* To achieve good make-up you need to have a good skin. He puts emphasis on moisturizing the skin. He differentiate having a well moisturized skin from having oily skin.
* In choosing the shade for foundation, he suggest that for asian girls to pick foundations with yellow undertone.
* In face contouring blending and highlighting facial features are the key.

imageMr. Guillano while showing how to do properly the face contouring.

After the workshop, all the participants were given a loot bag from PAC.

My PAC loot bag. I so love the products inside especially the liquid lipstick. =)

With my co-participants =)

I hope you enjoyed reading my short post!

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Till next blog post!

dutchfairyph :-*


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