Pampering session at Takshing Health and Beauty Center

Last month I received my Takshing gift certificate courtesy of Sample Room. It was a free 30 minute trial of their signature electrotherapy massage. I got curious on what kind of massage it is so I immediately check their website and here’s what I found out.

imageTakshing logo

imageEntrance of Takshing Health and Beauty Center. It looks like a chapel teehee. =)

imageMy free gift certificate from Sample Room.

Takshing Health and Beauty Center is the pioneer of electrotherapy massage here in the Philippines. Their signature massage uses electric current to heal the body. Don’t be fret everyone because Takshing only uses 12 volts of electric current and according to their staff it is guaranteed safe. The electric current effectively unclog blood vessels thus increasing blood circulation that efficiently delivers essential nutrients, antibodies and oxygen through out our body. With that we will experience optimum health benefits. These health benefits are: It improves over all circulation, it provides relief from muscle pains, it provides lymphatic drainage, it aids in the release of toxins in the body, it also helps in body reshaping and toning and it minimize cellulites, it also make our skin more toned, radiant and controls acne.

The spa’s interior is good and clean. Their staffs are all friendly and very knowledgeable of what they are doing. When I entered the spa, I felt relax bacause of the lavander essential oil that I smelled all over the place. Before doing the massage proper I was asked to fill up a form for them to know my current health conditions. Next I was asked to soak my feet in a basin with warm water to remove dirt prior to the application of the node conductor.

imageMe having a selfie while having my feet soaked.

Then I was asked to enter the room to have my clothes changed. My masseuse advised me to remove my jewelries or anything metal in my body.

imageTakshing is very strict with cleanliness.

imageThey have cute pajamas and towel inside.

After I soaked my feet, Ms. Chen applied the massage cream on my foot. Then she wrapped my foot with a bandage-like sock and attatched the node. My masseuse started massaging my other leg and I can feel the current travelling all over my body. She was standing in a grounding mat that enabled her to act like a conductor.

imageMs. Chen, my masseuse while putting the conductor.

I felt relaxed and rejuvinated after the massage. I actually had a nap while she’s massaging me. =)

imageMs. Chen advised me to drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins in my body. She also reminded me not to take a bath 6 hours after the treatment.

Visit Takshing’s website here for more information.

Their electrotherapy massage is priced as follows:

60 Minutes: Php 1,000
90 Minutes: Php 1,500
120 Minutes: Php 2,000

Visit them at: Unit 103, Richbelt Terraces, 19 Annapolis St., Greenhills San Juan
Tel: (02) 705 7003
Mobile: 0999-967-3843

Thanks for reading! =)

Till next blog post!

dutchfairyph :-*


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