Product Review: Colour Collection Lip Perfection Lipstick with Argan oil in Amore

Hello ladies! Today I will be doing a review of the latest lipstick that I got from Sample Room. It is the newest lipstick from Colour Collection called Lip Perfection lipstick with Argan Oil. Argan oil is known to be the “Liquid Gold” from Morocco. It is a plant based oil extracted from the kernels of argan tree. The tree is endemic in Morocco. This oil has many uses. Moroccans usually used this as a dressing in their pasta and salads because of its destinct flavor. Today, argan oil is being used as an ingredient in skin care products and cosmetics because of its beauty benefits. Argan oil contains high levels of tocopherol (vitamin E), phenols (alcohol-like substance), carotene (vitamin A), squalene (immunologic adjuvant) and unsaturated fatty acids (Oleic and Linoleic). These compounds are known to have good benefits in our health. Argan oil can be used as a moisturizer for the face, hair and even on nails.


       Photo of Argan tree. Photo grabbed from Google.

Most cosmetics with argan oil are highly priced that’s why I got ecstatic when I saw Sample Room’s latest run of Colour Collection lipsticks. Out of the 3 shades I only got 1 which is Amore.


The lipstick is housed in a simple white and gold plastic tube. The packaging reminds me of Em Cosmetics.


What a lovely coral red shade. This shade is perfect for summer.


Product when swatched. You can see how sheer the color.


Me wearing the lipstick. I applied the lipstick twice to achive this.

* The product is very easy to apply. It glides on my lips smoothly.
* Price is reasonable. For a product with argan oil I think the P399 price is ok.
* Very moisturizing. I’ve been using this almost everyday and I did not experience lip dryness. It made my lips soft and supple.

* The packaging breaks easily. Actually when my sample arrived the cap of the lipstick has this minor crack. Be careful not to drop.
* Too sheer. You need to apply at least two to achieve a darker effect.

You can purchase these lipstick at a Tupperware dealer near you. You can call them at 8593000.

You can also check Colour Collections Instagram account @colourcollection for new products.

Thank you for reading my blog =)

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dutchfairyph ❤


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