Beauty Report: :)

I am a very practical girl. I don’t usually purchase products that will not work for me. I am also very picky when it comes to the product ingredients. I usually choose products that are organic and has natural ingredients. As a beauty and skin care junkee, it is important that you try first a product before you purchase them so you know whether the product will work for you or not.

imageI ❤ Sample room. Photo grabbed from their facebook page. Read more to know more about sample room.

Sample room started last December 3, 2012 with the purpose of “Try before you buy”. Sample room is basically a sampling website that offers different beauty, health care and even spa products for free but you need to shoulder the shipping cost. Each product has a corresponding points and for you to be able to purchase a sample you need points. Upon registration you will be given 100 points for free to get samples. They offer different brands of products ranging from local to high end. Check their website to know more click here.

To be able to get your points back, you need to review the product after 5 days of use. Sample room is very strict in approving reviews because they want honest review for each product. Here are some of the products that I grabbed from sample room.

Belo Acne Pro. One of the products that I purchased after trying. It works wonders on my occassional pimple breakouts.

imageBurt’s bees lip shimmer. One of the best lip tint that I’ve tried.

imageCeleteque, Collection cosmetics and a Manicure and pedicure from Princess Hazel Salon and Spa.

Takshing Electrotheraphy massage free 30 minute trial.

wpid-cymera_20140821_082837.jpgVOV span mascara and Burt’s bees hand and body lotion.

I already saved thousands of pesos with sample room. 🙂

To experience Sample Room visit their website here

Instagram @sampleroomph

Till next post ladies!

dutchfairyph ❤


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