My first BDJ beauty social experience :-)

           Hello Everyone! 🙂

Let me share with you the first beauty event that I attended. BDJ Box is a beauty community that offers subscription of beauty boxes composed of different beauty products from different brands. And not only that, every year they organize beauty social events for their members to enjoy. The BDJ beauty social that I attended last September 29, 2013 was held at SM North Edsa Sky Dome with the theme “Primp and Prettify”. There were booths and talks for the participants to enjoy.


The beauty social passport 🙂


The back of the beauty passport.


The passport has a map where you can find the different beauty booths to explore 🙂

There were 13 beauty booths that offers different activities and services.


Cure Natural Aqua gel booth. I love Cure 🙂 They gave me free Cure samples to try.


Shiseido booth. I love their new skin care line called “Ibuki”.


Max factor booth. They offered free make over. Luckily I was able to participate in their mini make-up workshop 🙂


Free make-up workshop from max factor. I learned a lot from it 🙂

(Note: Make-up workshop photos were grabbed from BDJ Box FB Page)

Aside from the beauty booths, BDJ also lined up some interesting topics for their beauty talks. I was able to reserve a slot for 3 beauty talks: The Ready for anything skin with Shiseido, Max factor’s How do I look and Loreal Paris Parian pretty. I learned so many tips from the speakers.


The BDJ Beauty Ministry 🙂


My BDJ Beauty Social Loot bag 🙂 The bag was full of samples from the sponsors.

The event is indeed fun and I meet a lot of new friends. I also feel empowered because of the talks. I am excited for BDJ Beauty Social 2014. I hope you can attend too. 🙂 Till my blog next post see yah! 🙂



dutchfairyph :-*


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