What’s the Difference Between Matrixyl 3000 and Hyaluronic Acid?

When using skin care products, it is important to fully understand what the product is providing your skin. If you need moisturizing, then you want to focus on using products that hydrate the skin. If you need anti-aging help, then you want to use products that have anti-aging properties. With so many quality products on the market today, it can be confusing as to what to use and how to use it. Matrixyl and hyaluronic acid serum are to quality options for skin care, each offering unique benefits. Learning more about the products will help you to use the right one for your skin care needs.

Matrixyl 3000

This product is a serum that contains Matrikines. This is an anti-wrinkle complex that helps to reverse any signs of aging you may be experiencing. The skin is taught to act as if it were younger, which helps to change the look and feel of your skin. This product contains the much-needed vitamins and minerals that reduce fine lines and wrinkles, including crows feet. Add this product to your beauty regimen if you wish to work on the appearance of your skin.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

One of the most popular serums on the market today is hyaluronic acid pure. This serum type is formulated with hyaluronic acid which provides moisturizing and hydrating properties.

When you add the best hyaluronic acid serum to your skin care routine, you have a product that will lift and tighten the skin. Add years to your look at using this product on a regular basis. The skin cells are repaired with every use which creates that youthful glow.

Both matrixyl and hyaluronic acid serums work well for skin care needs. Use either or both products to reduce the look of aging as well as ensure that your skin is well-cared for.

Product Review: Novelina Skincare Line

Hello dearies!

With all the environmental stress and pollution that we encounter everyday it is quite difficult to achieve a healthy and clear looking skin. Dust and smoke damages our skin. Free radicals coming from these environmental hazards causes collagen and lipid depletion on the skin resulting to faster aging.

Today I will be sharing to you products that can help our skin combat pollution harmful effects. A friend of mine introduced these products for me to try to and since then I like the results.

Novelina, a novel line of hair care and skin care products that will defy age and redefine beauty. Behind the Novelina brand is a guarantee of quality, efficacy, and safety. The special Japanese formulations are the result of extensive research and development that incorporates not only the newest ingredients but the latest technology as well. The uniquely blended ingredients are manufactured under strict quality control procedures resulting in products that offer reasonable/affordable pricing without compromising benefits. (www.novelinacosmetics.com)

I was able to try their face mask, facial wash and lightening body soap and here are my thoughts:

Deep Pore Cleanser & Skin Brightener, Anti Acne Facial Wash.

I love this facial wash because it is mild on the skin. It gently cleanses the skin without stripping off the skin’s natural moisture. My skin feels soft and squeaky clean after every wash. It contains Kaolin which removes dirt and purifies the pores and also it has snail serum which is a known anti-aging component.

Me while trying out the product.

After a week of usage, my skin looks supple, brighter and smoother. I also noticed slight lightening of my pimple marks.

Ultra Lightening Soap.

This soap contains Très Blance which is known to promote even and brighter skin, glutathione which helps whiten the skin, snail serum a potent anti aging ingredient that promotes skin healing and poper moisture. It also contains natural bioactive ingredients – Aloe, Broccoli and Citrus that provides a skin barrier against pollution.

What I love about this soap is that it is nondrying and irritating. I noticed that my skin became even, smooth and a lot brighter after every wash. I also love the scent too.

Coenzyme Q 10 Anti-aging & Age-defying Mask.

A mask that provides optimum glow, even toned and youthful skin. It contains active ingredients that visibly reduces fine lines, dark spots caused by sun damage and pollution.

The mask is soaked with amber-colored serum that has a strong astringent like scent that is tolerable. Once I put on the mask, it does not cause any stinging sensation or irritation. I let it stayed for 20 minutes to maximized the potent ingredients and let it take effect on my skin. I noticed that after used, my skin is feels more supple and it has a certain glow.

I recommend these Novelina skin care products for you try because it is affordable, effective and made from natural ingredients.

Novelina products are exclusively distributed by Tristan Ventures Inc.

For more information on Novelina products, you can visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/novelinacosmetics/

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Reasons to Purchase a Dashboard Cover

Do you want to make your car more functional? You will be able to do this if you would invest in the right accessories to make your car amazing. You should consider getting dash covers for your vehicle. No matter what brand, what model, or even what type of vehicle you have, the dash cover can provide the extra care it needs.

Some of the customized dashboard covers you can find at http://www.calcarcover.com.

Sun damage is one of the main causes why the car’s interior has the tendency to break down. Some of the things that it can do are the following:

 It can cause your dashboard to crack.
 Your car’s exterior may turn lighter so the shade will not be consistent with the rest of the car.
 The interior of your car will also become affected.

Why do you have to accept the things that are mentioned above when you can prevent those things from happening?

These are some of the reasons why you need a dashboard cover:

 You can make the most out of your dashboard. Who says that your dashboard is not useful at all? It can be very useful and you can make it last longer than it should.
 If you would help take care of your dashboard, your car’s resale value will be better as compared to the same car models with problematic dashboards. It will be a great investment especially if you would decide to sell your car in the future.
 It will help you save money because if in case you need to make some modifications with your dashboard, you do not have to spend money on it to have it repaired. Rather, you just need to spend money to beautify it.

Aside from having a dashboard consider, you should consider getting custom car covers for Ford. This will allow you to protect your whole vehicle and not just your dashboard. The custom car cover can be made out of materials that are meant for indoor or outdoor use. Be specific with the type of car cover that you need to get to full protection for your vehicle.

Top Tips on Buying the Right Motorcycle Helmet

Are you purchasing a new motorcycle helmet soon? There are things that you should know about motorcycle helmets that may actually protect you from harm. You can find so many motorcycle helmets for sale online and even in actual stores but not all of these helmets will fit you just right.

There are a lot of tips that are based on common knowledge. In other words, these are tips that you should know. Yet, there are some people who may be having a bad day, who do not realize what could actually happen to them if they start riding without a helmet. You do not have to be one of these people.

People who are having bad days may be closer to danger when riding their motorcycles because of the following reasons:

• They usually do not bother wearing theright motorcycle gear.
• They tend to drive faster because they are angry.
• They forget about following traffic rules and regulations.

Purchasing the right-sized helmet can make a lot of difference. If you need extra-large motorcycle helmets, then you can buy that from different stores. if you need XXS motorcycle helmet then that will not be too hard to do as well.

These are the top tips that you should remember so that you can be safer while riding your motorcycle:

o Get a helmet that will fit your head’s shape and size. Contrary to what most people believe in, people have different shaped heads and sizes. You can measure the size of your head before you decide to make a purchase. It will make a lot of difference that way.
o Find a helmet that will not make your vision impaired. You need to be able to see the road clearly otherwise you will be closer to danger.
o Look for the safety-certified sticker. A lot of stickers come with the safety-certified seal. This means that the helmet has already gone through a series of tests that make it one of the safest ones that you can try.

One of the things to remember is this: your helmet will not last forever. Even if it seems that the helmet is still in good condition, you need to open up your eyes to the sign that it would need to be changed soon.

Keep Your Children Safe With These 5 Devices

If you are looking for best safety devices for your children, you are in the right place. Here you can find some devices that can secure your children in the drawing room, bedroom, bathroom and at other places in your home.

You don’t need to worry too much about the safety of your children. You can take extra care of your children or keep them safe by using these five amazing devices:

Safety Devices For Children

As the technology is changing day by day, more and more child safety devices are being manufactured by different industries. Now, we have GPS or location-based devices that are among the favorite of all child safety devices.

Thanks to GPS devices, parents can find their kids and fulfill their requirements/needs. For imparting joy or smile to children, GPS based safety devices are being made in different designs and colors. Let’s check out some safety device specifically made for children:

1. Pet & Child Waterproof Safety Blinker – Earlier used for pet safety, this LED blinker tool is now largely used for the safety of children. This safety device is weatherproof, waterproof and comes in 6 different colors.

2. BAP Level 1 Bullet Resistant Backpack Ballistic Plate – Through this safety device, children can avail perfect bodily protection. Using this ballistic plate, any one (women or even children) can stop up to three shots.
Therefore, if you use to purchase this tool, you can protect essential body parts of your children and make him healthy and safe. This portable device only weighs 3.67 lbs.

3. HereO GPS Watch – Here is a wristwatch that has GPS and GSM location services. This is the best tool for parents who don’t like mobile phone functionalities but always look for GPS location services.

The watch locator is coupled with a HereO Family application (compatible for Android and Ios). So, one can see the location of watch wearers and mobile users.

Hidden Security Cameras

In the present world, most of the persons install spy cameras or hidden security cameras in their houses and offices. Certainly, safety or protection is one of the most important principles of hidden security cameras.

Now, hidden security cameras are manufactured in a vast number of designs. So, we can say that hidden security cameras are indispensable sources of safety, no matter we are still or moving to different places

Different Types Of Hidden Security Cameras include

● Motion Activated Spy Cameras

● Night Vision Spy Cameras

● Car Spy Cameras

● Clock Spy Cameras

● Outdoor Spy Cameras

Home Defense Weapons

One of the best ways to always get ready for any potential risk is to use home defense weapons. Whether you are a strong person or you have a weak body, you can definitely use these home defense weapons and increase home safety.

1. Stun Guns – With the help of stun guns, you can disable attackers and prevent yourself from any kind of injury. Most of the latest generation stun guns are small and are easy to use home defense weapons.

2. Kubotans – These self-defense weapons delivers strongest blows and can be easily fit in bags or pockets. Majority of the kubotans come with keychains.

3. Tactical Pens – Here is one of the easiest home self-defense weapons. These tools contain tungsten steel pressure tip and work through standard refillable ink.

Summing Up

If you use some safety devices, you can definitely keep your children secure and healthy for longer periods. Digital devices like HereO GPS Watch and Powerful devices like ballistic plate both play an effective role in children safety.

Out of so many hidden security cameras, you can choose the best ones according to your preference. For the people who are new to home self-defense weapons, kubotans and tactical pens are the best available options.

How To Prepare Yourself for Summer Rides With New Motorcycle Gear

Summer rides on a motorcycle are some of the most satisfying you will experience. However, you should be able to enjoy your ride, which requires investing in the right gear to wear on your person. You should absolutely look for new motorcycle tires for sale before going on a long trip, but you should also look for new helmets and apparel to buy, too.


It may be time to replace your old helmet with a new one. If you currently have an open face helmet, then you may want to think about acquiring a full face or modular helmet that protect your eyes. These types of helmets are highly recommended for road trips where you will travel hundreds of miles at a time and do not want the fast-moving air disrupting your vision. Additionally, you want to make sure you have a helmet that fits securely, so if you have grown since your last big ride, then it may be time for an upgrade.

Cooling Vest

During the summer, the temperature may exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit. You do not want to risk getting heat stroke, so you should invest in a cooling vest. You simply need to soak it in water before hopping on your bike. The fast air hitting your body will cool you down, and you can remain hydrated for hours with just one soak.

Long Sleeve Clothing

Long sleeve clothing may not ordinarily make sense in the summer when it is hot, but when you are on a bike for a road trip, it is for the best. Spending hours in the sun will result in sunburn, and there is only so much sunscreen can help. Wearing a long sleeve jacket or jersey will keep UV rays off your skin, so when you get off your bike, you are not burnt red.

You will find all this motorcycle apparel

Zoom Courier: Things to Consider in Choosing the Best Courier in the Philippines

Digital age has drastically changed how people do business. Technology has brought innovations on many aspects even on how we move or deliver things, and this is where Zoom Courier PH comes into picture as the fast-growing company that thrives on efficient technology and excellent customer service.

Zoom Courier Overview

Established last 2016, in a span of two years zoom courier is able to serve and deliver packages nationwide with an average of over a thousand transactions every day. Incorporating the latest innovations in technology, zoom courier has a website that has advanced features but with simple navigations. Signing up for a new account is very easy and along with other value-added services, Zoom Courier is paving the way for online sellers, companies and individuals who require a reliable courier company in the Philippines to move their businesses forward.

Things to Consider in Choosing the Best Courier in The Philippines

• Easy Booking Process for Pickups

Zoom Courier has the easiest way of booking for a pickup. Shippers can directly book via the app or on the website. Pickups can also be scheduled according to preferred datesand also good for multiple transactions.

• Free Pickup

Zoom Courier offers FREE PICKUP. This means shippers don’t have to step outside their home or office to have their package delivered. Upon successful booking, notifications are sent via text and email to inform shipper of the pickup schedule and assigned rider. Zoom free pickup saves time and money. This is the most convenient way of shipping with Zoom.

• Fast Delivery Service

Under normal circumstances, Zoom Courier door to door delivery is quick and efficient. Book today (cut-off at 2PM) and get your package delivered by tomorrow. Zoom offers next day delivery in Metro Manila and 3 to 4 days for provincial deliveries.

• User-friendly Website/App

Although Zoom Courier’s website has advanced features, navigating through the tabs and pages is such a breeze. With sleek and elegant design, Zoom website has everything you need under your fingertips including detailed reports of your transactions and updates.

• Affordable Shipping Rates

Offering the lowest shipping rates, Zoom Courier is the best choice when it comes to affordable courier in the Philippines. Small pouch delivery in Metro Manila comes with unlimited weight, Zoom Courier shipping fee is budget friendly and would benefit online sellers and companies who want value for money courier services.

• On Delivery-Quickest Remittance

Cash on Delivery or COD is a practical payment option for consignees or buyers. For only 40 pesos COD fee, Zoom Courier offers convenience. Remittance or payments collected from consignees are then deposited to the shipper’s bank account within 3 to 4 days which is relatively faster than other couriers in the Philippines. This option is available for shippers who already registered with bank account details included on their Zoom accounts and is available for Metro Manila and nearby GMA covered areas.

• Efficient Notification Systems

With innovations integrated to Zoom’s systems, notifications are automatically sent through text and email. Both sender and receiver will get notifications about pickup confirmation and delivery status.

Zoom Courier overall is a good choice being one of the best courier in the Philippines. With affordable shipping rates and added value services, Zoom Courier thrives on serving the best interest of its customers and committed to move businesses forward.

To learn more about Zoom Courier Philippines or if you wish to register for your own Zoom account visit their website at www.zoomcourier.ph

Asian Aesthetic Center: Freeze and Melt Fat Away Permanently

Is it possible to freeze and melt fat away? This is one big question that we attempt to solve but first we must understand how body fat functions in our body.

Body fat as defined in many books is categorized as adipose tissue which is a normal component of the human body. Its primary purpose is to store energy in the form of fat that is then needed for metabolic functions within the body. However, having excess body fat can be physiologically harmful and at the same time can negatively affect one’s appearance. Thus, the idea of the possibility to melt fat away comes to mind when all else failed.

Can body fat be destroyed?

Unfortunately, fat cells are indestructible since our body has a constant number of fat cells that will remain in our lifetime. However, fat cells can be reduced or shrink in size through various methods like freeze and melt fat away.

You see, when people lose weight their fat cells are also reduced in size but the body will signal the need to rebuild the shrunken fat cells thus the tendency to gain more weight after slimming down is higher. This is when frustration about getting rid of body fat comes into place. This is when most people would give up the fight against being overweight and obesity. However, there is a way to melt fat away through an effective method that Asian Aesthetic Center can best provide.

What is Melt and Freeze The Fat Away?

Asian Aesthetic Center (ACC) has an effective method to slim down the body and face which can melt fat away. It is so good that ACC’s co-founder Dra. Amy Bautista has registered a trademark for “Melt and Freeze The Fat Away”.

Melt and freeze the fat away is a non-invasive procedure that slims down and will melt fat away permanently. This exclusive procedure of Dra. Amy Bautista of Asian Aesthetic Center incorporates the utilization of both controlled heat and freezing technique that will effectively melt fat away for good. As the fat cells self-destruct, it will eventually die then gradually be eliminated naturally from the body. So far, this is an effective and safest fat elimination procedure in the Philippines today that Asian Aesthetic Center can best provide.

Asian Aesthetic Center Unique Approach to Beauty

With Dra. Amy Bautista as the medical director and founder, she incorporates a personal approach in dealing with each client. Being born with artistic talent, at a very young age, she has master anatomy specifically facial and body symmetry which she as a professional medical doctor who specialized in aesthetics integrate on all Asian Aesthetic Center slimming and beauty procedures.

Being true to the fact that each person is born differently with unique set of facial/body features, Asian Aesthetic Center ‘freeze and melt fat away’ high-tech and effective fat melting treatment conforms to each individual bodily structure.

Asian Aesthetic Center adheres to the philosophy that each client deserves a tailor-made treatment that would provide natural results. Dra. Amy Bautista list of patients at ACC come up looking naturally beautiful with slimmer waist, sleeker thighs, toned arms, lesser facial lines and even with firmed well-defined chin and neck. This is what the exclusive trademarked ‘melt and freeze the fat away’ can do to anybody who wishes to become naturally good-looking with youthful features.

Have you ever thought of getting rid of your body fat for good? Have you ever wonder if there is a way to melt fat away? Like many Asian people, we Filipinos are prone to storing fats in our bodies and these fatty deposits get into areas that we are not most proud of.

Asian Aesthetic Center can help and with Dra. Amy Bautista around, you can surely freeze and melt fat away. Schedule a FREE consultation with Dra. Amy Bautista now and be in your best form just in time for Christmas.

Come and visit their website at https://www.asianaestheticcenter.com/
Like and follow Asian Aesthetic Center on Facebook for updates, inquiries and appointment. https://www.facebook.com/AsianAestheticCenter/

Tips on How to Get the Perfect Car

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Hello dearies!

Finding the right car of your choice can be a tough and challenging process. There are things you need to consider before you can get your dream car. I am here to provide you simple yet sure tips that can help you decide in choosing the right car.

To begin with, the primary and most important tip before purchasing a car is doing a research. It is important to gather first some basic information about a particular car brand/model and its price before purchasing. I found this website www.cars.com to be helpful. They provide the most accurate and in-depth information on wide variety of cars. What I like is that they have this feature wherein they post videos and unbiased reviews about cars. They are straight to the point and do not sugar coat.

Another tip is to not stick with one dealer. Though dealers can stock huge selections at different prices, it doesn’t mean their prices are industry competitive. Because of this, I recommend visiting other dealers and researching similar cars you are interested in to get a baseline price for the vehicle. Visiting other dealers will give you an understanding of what you should be paying, and therefore get you the best price.

Third tip is to check and compare prices of used cars. An important factor of used cars is their number of miles. This number has a huge impact on the wear and tear of the car, along with the price. Guessing the price of a car based on the miles it has will not give you accurate information, and will most likely result in overspending on your part. Visiting other dealers will help you settle on the best price.

Fourth tip is be a knowledgeable consumer. This is why doing your research is so valuable. Buying a car can be tricky, and people selling cars can take advantage of you very easily. Which is why it’s important to show the seller that you know what you’re talking about. Your research helps you learn the true value and worth of the cars you are shopping for. It can be used as support to the seller to help you negotiate the right price. Doing research on a potential purchase results in information that will help you get a fair price from the dealership or seller.

Lastly, find the right car and don’t be in a hurry in purchasing it. Take time wisely in research, read reviews do not settle immediately. Taking time in deciding what to buy will avoid overspending and will lead to better purchase satisfaction.

I hope these simple tips helped you in finding your perfect car. Purchasing a car doesn’t have to complicated and stressful but a fun experience.

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